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In the news:

BBC News - New figures show that no orders to protect girls and women at risk of FGC have been made in Wales

Kent Online - 30 FGC cases were recorded in Kent in 2015/16

Evening Standard - Theresa May urged to let schools teach girls about FGC

BBC News - Campaigners bid for FGM clinic in Wales

The Independent - Every hour a case of FGC is either discovered or treated at a medical appointment in England

The Guardian - A national campaign carrying the symbol of a red triangle will be rolled out across the UK to mark the International Day for the Abandonment of FGC

The Herald - UK Government pressed to ratify Istanbul Convention on violence against women ahead of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM on February 6

The Northern Eco -  £2m is to be shared between projects which are trying to help children who may face FGC

Morning Star - A vital step to end violence against women

Bristol Post - Young people of Integrate UK release song to raise awareness on FGC practice

The Independent - UK Government urged to ratify the Istanbul Convention addressing FGC, domestic violence, sexual abuse and child marriage

BBC News - The Black Health Initiative in Leeds warns: "What we're finding now is that where once girls were taken abroad to be cut, specialist midwives are now flown over and several girls are cut at the same time, which then leads to a celebration."

The Guardian - Edna Adan at EA Foundation launch at SOAS, London:"Work needs to take place in countries like mine, using people who speak in the same language, using the same words as the grandfathers and mothers and religious leaders who can actually change things there."

The Herald - Theresa May urged to ratify convention aimed at ending violence against women

Hackney Gazette - Protocol based on new guidelines on FGC will be launched in February in Hackney

Daily Mail - Campaigners insist on teaching new asylum seekers to UK about legal and health aspects of FGC

NHE - Midwives and local authorities have raised concerns at the latest quarterly statistics regarding cases of FGC in England

Evening Standard - Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health called for compulsory school classes in which violence against women and FGC would be addressed

Reuters - "FGM is everybody's business": Britain vows to play its part to end the practice in a generation

Rochdale Online - A new project launched in Greater Manchester will coordinate care and support for young girls affected by or at risk of FGC

The Guardian - “With humility and strength, you can achieve anything. But funding helps too.”

Evening Standard - Amber Rudd: I’m confident that FGM can be wiped out within a generation

BBC News - Thousands of children recorded missing from schools in England and Wales might be at risk of abuse and exploitation, including forced marriage and FGC

The Guardian - DFID announced a £6m package of aid to go towards supporting innovative grassroots programmes in 17 countries, dealing with FGC, child marriage and domestic violence.

Notts TV- Nottingham is leading the way on work to end FGC

Metro - British victims of FGC speak openly about their experience as part of a portrait project called the Face of Defiance featuring nine survivors of the practice

Get West London - 7 key questions Sadiq Khan and the assembly answered at People's Question Time in Brent; FGC among the biggest concerns

Legal Cheek - Despite FGC being illegal in the United Kingdom since 1985, the Home Affairs Select Committee has delivered a report that shows there hasn’t been a single conviction for FGC in 30 years.

Kent News - Helen Grant MP attended the opening of an art exhibition in parliament, which showcased four portraits painted by London artist Emma Scutt of FGC survivors Leyla Hussein, Hibo Wardere, Alimatu Dimonekene and Lucy Njomo.

Euronews - Female genital mutilation: The UK's hidden crime

BBC News - Girl taken into care and two arrested in FGC crackdown

Birmingham Mail - Birmingham recorded 120 new cases of FGC in just three months this year, the highest recording in England

Luton on Sunday - A team of police officers were on duty at Luton airport as part of a nationwide week of action to tackle FGC

Care Appointments - Department of health has produced a series of videos to help healthcare professionals understand, safeguard and care for women and girls affected by FGC

Worcester News - Volunteer, Anna Donaldson, to hold fundraiser for girls vulnerable to FGC

Desiblitz - Barnardo's has warned of the risk of FGC occurring in rural England this summer, calling for more education of the dangers FGC for immigrants

The Guardian - Two-year-old girl, thought to be at risk of FGC has been returned to the UK from Guinea following action by Metropolitan Police, Family Court and Dutch Embassy

Daily Mail - Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire says male refugees need formal training on social norms, gender equality, GBV, and FGC to prevent assault and sexual harassment

The Bolton News - Family served court orders by Bolton Council to protect their five children from FGC

House of Lords Hansard - Baroness Williams of Trafford explains what UK has done to improve the response of professionals to FGC

Southwark News - Council to consider including FGC mutilation in PSHE school curriculum

The Royal College of Midwives -Dr Comfort Momoh MBE, FGC and public health specialist at Guy’s and St Thomas’, honoured by the RCM with one of the first Fellowships for FGC

Hackney Citizen - Unsterile Clinic: Silhouettes of FGC survivors by Aida Silvestri

Huffington Post - Report finds 5702 newly recorded cases of FGC in Britain

Eastern Daily Press - Aneeta Prem, founder of Freedom Charity, writes novel Cut Flowers to educate children about FGC

The Guardian - Police, border offices and charities launch Operation Limelight at Manchester airport to raise awareness about FGC

Daily Record - DFID East Kilbride funds vital education about FGC of tribal warriors in Rift Valley, northern Kenya

The Guardian - FGC is never 'minor'

Guardian - Ella Purnell, Never Let Me Go, Maleficent and The Legend of Tarzan star, helps launch Educate 2 Eradicate, organisation founded by Arifa Nasim to educate people about forced marriage, FGC, and honour-based abuse

Bristol Post - FORWARD's youth group Empowering march through Bristol to say no to FGC

Liverpool Echo - Savera flash mob performs Little Mix's Attention in Liverpool John Lennon Airport to raise awareness about forced marriage and FGC

Bristol 24/7 -FGC campaigner Fahma Mohamed to receive honorary doctor of laws from Bristol University for her work against FGC and other forms of VAWG before starting biomedical degree in King's College

BBC News - More community funding needed to maintain FGC prevention campaigns in coming years says the Tackling FGM Initiative

Get Reading - Drive to tackle FGC launched in Reading and West Berkshire

ISPCC - UN adopts resolution on ending FGC, calls for states and international community to devote more technical and financial resources to implementation of SDGs

Daily Record - New Scotland resident, Rama, speaks about her experience fleeing Eritrea and living with FGC

Reuters - British schools urged to fight FGC with new lesson plan and new novel Cut Flowers

Independent - 'No More Cutting': The art project making paper vaginas in a bid to stop FGC

The Guardian - FGC survivors on Cuttin' It: 'I remember that smell of disinfectant too'

The Guardian - Orchid: The Economist's support of 'minor FGM' is irresponsible and regressive

Bournemouth Daily Echo - Bournemouth pageant held to empower women, redefine meaning of beauty, and raise awareness of FGC

Swindon Advertiser - Councillor advises those concerned about FGC in Swindon after study shows 271 reported cases of FGC in the South of England between January and March 2016

Huffington Post - Sarian Karim Kamara: 'Even though the clitoris has been removed, that doesn't stop us from having full capacity of pleasure.'

Northants Herald & Post - Thirty cases of FGC discovered in Northampton General Hospital last year, Northamptonshire police fund multi-agency campaign to end FGC in the community

Salford Online - GMP encourages school children to 'dishonour the crime' and stand up to honour-based practices like FGC

Scoop Independent News - Women's health should not pay the price, says UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and Practice

Law Street Media – White House’s United State of Women Summit rejoiced individual efforts to end female genital mutilation, expand maternity leave, and humanize transgender people

Rotherham Record – Child protection officials held a week of events to raise awareness of FGC in the borough

The New Times – Autobiography of Somalian United Nations human rights ambassador and champion against FGC Waris Dirie garners praise

Police Professional – Midwives have called for more action to address FGC after more than 1,200 cases were recorded in England in just three months

Ely-News – Sell-out jazz concert in Ely raises £2,500 for Amnesty International’s campaign against FGC and child marriage in Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso

House of Commons Hansard - Right Honorable Theresa May MP and MP Cat Smith discuss the need to equip Border Force to stop girls from being subjected to FGC overseas, especially during the summer months

Official Statistics Report - Experimental Statistics, Enhanced Dataset (January to March, 2016)

The Times -Wolverhampton woman, Zara, wins court order against parents to protect her from forced marriage and FGC

Witney Gazette - Fledgling charity Oxford Against Cutting launches campaign encouraging men to speak up against FGC before ‘cutting season’

House of Lords Hansard - Lord Berkeley of Knighton asks what steps UK government intends to take in light of new NHS statistics and lack of successful prosecutions to date

Newsweek - 'Poverty porn: Why FGM should not be shown on TV'

Charity Today - ActionAid UK calls on UK government to fund women's rights organisations in light of new UK FGC statistics

The Guardian - Activists and cut women implore Sky News to drop report footage of a young girl undergoing FGC while people watch without intervening, say it is tantamount to filming child abuse

Spirit FM - Calls to include FGC in national curriculum under PSHE to educate pupils

Express & Star - Wolverhampton woman first person in the UK to be issued joint forced marriage and FGC protection orders

Mail Online - Almost 200 new cases of FGC are reported every week in England, more than half in London

Independent - More than 1,200 cases of FGC recorded in England between January and March

The Guardian - Cuttin' It: Streetwise coming of age story about friendship makes a heartbreaking, heartfelt statement about FGC in the UK
Playing at Young Vic, London, until 11 June. Box office: 020-7922 2922

Cambridge Network - Anglia Ruskin University will host a panel of experts speaking about FGC on 8 June

Wales Online - By Any Name (2016) actress cast in powerful feature film dealing with FGC, encourages young women to come forward

Leicester Mercury - Big Lottery Fund's Women and Girls Initiative grants £240,000 to The Zinthiya Trust, Leicester which is committed to ending FGC, CEFM, and HBV

Marilyn Stowe - Law firm resolution has developed a helpful 'tool kit' for family lawyers who suspect they are working with women who may be at risk of FGC

Nursing Times - The Royal College of Nursing has called on employers to ensure clinical staff have comprehensive training and support to help end FGC

Amnesty International UK - Amnesty launch three-month fundraising appeal to urge British public to push for an end of child marriage and FGC across Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso

FIGO - UK publishes new FGC guidelines

Evening Standard - Anti-FGC campaigner Hibo Wardere explains that FGC is 'child abuse,' and since has been threatened, criticized, attacked and called a 'traitor' for her position on FGC

Mail Online - MPs condemn FGC as 'national scandal' but NHS figures show most instances of FGC of UK residents take place abroad

The Guardian - Refugee from Somalia, Hibo Wardere, uses education to end FGC in the UK and abroad

FIGO - Doctors at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust make recommendations for the best practice on reporting FGC

The Telegraph - The scope of gender-based violence concerns like FGC and breast ironing is growing in the UK

BBC - Officials looking to put 'breast ironing' in same GBV class as FGC, currently looking to permanently criminalise the offence in the UK

Independent - Feminism has shed light into a world darkened by sexual slavery, mass rape, and misogyny

Daily Mail - Campaigners fight for better protection of older women at risk of GBV

The Guardian - Two women become first people to be ever convicted of FGC in the UK

Huffington Post - Ending FGC in London, and the rest of the UK

Evening Standard - FGC court case thrown out in the UK

CR - Ending FGC within a generation

SW Londoner - FOI statistics reveal that 125 women visited Chelsea and Westminster Hospital last year due to FGC related problems

The Guardian - Court orders against FGC are seen as a quiet revolution in child protection - a review of 2015

The Guardian - Health professionals are urged to be more confident in using the available UK initiatives in order to safeguard more girls at risk of FGC

Yahoo News - Gambia leader denounces FGC

Daily Mail - Gambian president calls halt to FGC

BBC -The midwife who is trying to save women from FGC

The Guardian -For Colombia's Emberá, telling outsiders about FGC is worse than cutting girls

National Health Executive - Healthcare staff now required to inform police of FGC cases

Daily News -New film set to reduce FGC cases in Mara

The Guardian - Australia's first FGC trial: how a bright young girl convinced a jury

Independent -Warriors, film review: Maasai elders, cricket, and FGC

SW Londoner - Battersea and Putney MPs play key role in campaign against devastating practise of FGC

BDaily - FDR Law takes lead on new FGC legislation

Mirror - 'Before girls are cut, we put our hands over our mouths': Kenyan cutters speak out

Rochdale News -The Government must take action to tackle the plight of our young people, says GM Mayor

Reuters -Britain's teachers, doctors must report FGC or risk being fired

The Guardian - FGC: healthcare professionals have a duty to protect girls

Charter Society of Physiotherapists - Physiotherapists must report FGc to the police

The Guardian - FGC trial: accused developed technique that would leave no scarring, court told

Breit Bart London - Girls taken to Ireland to undergo FGC as UK scrambles to secure first prosecution

FIGO - UN calls for end to FGC in Gambia

The Guardian - Woman accused of FGC of sisters 'told their father to say they got hurt playing'

Local London - Film screenings and q&a to say no to FGC

Evening Standard -A wake-up call: Banning FGC and child marriage in Gambia

The Guardian - Reporting of cases among children becomes mandatory

The Guardian - Teachers, doctors, and nurses will have to tell police of FGC cases

Community Care - FGC  duty causes confusion among practitioners, survey finds

IBTimes -FGC: Tradition vs. struggle

Lichfield Live - Meeting in Lichfield told of work to tackle FGC

Mancunian Matters - Very beneficial: UK charity praise Manchester Airport campaign to prevent FGC

Birmingham Mail - Dad arrested at Gatwick Airport on suspicion of taking daughter to Sudan for FGC

Express & Star -Soaring number of FGC cases reported in West Midland.

Yahoo News - Student flash mob highlight need for education on child marriage and FGC

Yahoo News - From Kenya to Brazil, girls seek better future with new U.N. goals

Nottingham Post - Sex education to include porn, FGC, and forced marriage

The Guardian - NHS reports 1,026 new cases of FGC in three months

Shout Out UK –  The downfall of student life: Lad culture and amnesty societies

Deutsche Welle - Why men need to take a stand against FGC, Solomon Zewolde with FORWARD UK

Nottingham Post –Survivors of FGC speak out at Nottingham conference

The Telegraph – Airport officers fight to save British girls from FGC and forced marriage

The Guardian – How local councils can help prevent FGC

Bedford Today – Women inside Yarl’s Wood speak out about poor healthcare provision

Youth Kiawaaz – A procedure that is revising the damage done by FGC

Deutsche WelleThe scope of the problem in graphics and numbers

Marie Claire – Know 1000 Women? 21 of them may have experienced FGC

Cosmopolitan – FGC is happening in every local authority in England and Wales.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner – 30 patients treated for FGC at Mid Yorkshire hospitals in just seven months

Evening Standard – Why millions of children are at risk from FGC

Zimeye – Ruth For Women hold successful even in Leeds to stamp out FGC
The Visitor –  Lancaster teens highlight taboo topic.

The Telegraph – Inside the UK's worst detention centre: 'Ten weeks of hell for fleeing forced marriage'
Dorset Echo – Father challenges FGC protection order

The Oxford Times – Campaign against ‘harm of mutilation’

Enfield Independent – 'FGM must be confronted': Thousands of Enfield women scarred by FGC

Mashable – 7 facts you need to know about FGC

The Bookshop – Saving Safa: Rescuing a little girl from FGC

Breitbart – UK police declare war on FGC as 'cutting season' approaches

Your Local Guardian – Surrey police and crime commissioner Kevin Hurley vows 'merry hell' for government over FGC
Independent – Istanbul Convention: Britain drags its feet over women’s rights

The Star – FGC order will help protect Sheffield girls

Brent and Kilburn Times – All Somali women in Brent are FGC victims, campaigner says

Hemel Today  - Jane’s mission to stamp out FGC
Telegraph and Argus – Bradford charity boss calls for more money to support victims of FGC
Brixton Blog – Charity bike ride to raise money to fight FGC

The Bookseller – Anti-FGc campaigner to publish 'empowering' book with S&S

Irish Examiner – 1,600 girls in Ireland at risk of FGC
Cosmopolitan - This woman has performed FGC on over 100 girls: 'When you're ready, you start with your own sister'

Family Law – Re E (Children) (Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders) [2015] EWHC 2275 (Fam)

Telegraph & Argus – Conference to be held in Bradford to help victims of FGC

Huffington Post – FGC: The consequences and challenges.

Family Law Week – Judge grants FGC protection order against father of three girls

Wales Online – 'Massive increase' in women seeking out support services for FGC

The Oxford Times – Support network launched as safe space for victims of FGC

Express and Star – At least 106 children in the Black Country and Staffordshire have been withdrawn from school with no record of where they have gone – amid fears some may have joined terror group ISIS (FGC concerns also raised)

Manchester Evening News – Salford parent slapped with banning order to stop them taking their daughter abroad to perform FGC

Fox News – Dr. Manny: FGC in the UK must be stopped

Independent – Airport security simulate 'trafficking' arrival in anti-FGC campaign

Sky News – FGC victims in ‘every part of England and Wales’

The Telegraph – London airport staff battle to stop FGC during summer holidays

Breitbart – New study: FGC now blights every corner of England

The Mirror – One in 20 women in single London borough have endured FGC

News Week – New UK data show FGC prevalence highest in London

Belfast Live – Northern Ireland has introduced FGC protection orders.

Belfast Telegraph – Stormont outlaws FGC, branded 'war on little girls'.

Huffington Post – Our commitment to stamp out FGC

CDA News – Young girls take out of Britain for FGC

Herald Scotland – FGC campaigners welcome drive to raise awareness of practice

 London Evening Standard – Cutters to be banned from Britain as new law comes into force

BBC News – Reports that at least 50 girls were taken from the UK to Somalia for FGC being investigated by Scotland Yard

The Good Health Suite – Health professionals advised of need for extra vigilance over FGC as ‘cutting season’ approaches

Family Law Week - Nkumbe Ekaney QC of Albion Chambers and Charlotte Proudman of Mansfield Chambers consider the important provisions introduced to protect girls and women from FGC

The Star – 2014 saw over 50 reports of 'honour'-based abuse, including 17 forced marriages and two cases of FGC in South Yorkshire

Medscape – UK's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (RCOG) has updated its guidelines on the care of women with FGC for physical and psychological care for survivors

Dorset Echo – The first annual Day of Memory for Britain’s Lost Women for victims of honour-based abuse, forced marriage, and FGC is being supported in Dorset by police and partners

The Guardian – ‘Saving Safa’, Waris Dirie’s new book talks of her determination to save others from the unnecessary suffering caused by FGC, which she had suffered many years ago

The Guardian - Student film-makers from Westminster University have created a short film that deals with the intimate thoughts of a young girl about to undergo FGC

The Guardian – Health professionals and NHS workers must be extremely vigilant over the summer season, as the ‘cutting’ season begins

Time – The UK Government under pressure to take action against families who take daughters to Africa and Asia for FGM

The Guardian – Coventry University has created ‘Petals’, a web app that will inform young people about the risks of FGC and provide helplines to survivors

The Telegraph – Clever new app goes live to 'help British teenagers living in these closed communities secretly educate themselves' about FGC
The Telegraph Controversial FGC campaign wins esteemed advertising awards at Cannes

The Guardian – Author Emma Craigie writes a book on the story of a young Somali immigrant to Britain and her fight against FGC

BBC – Between September 2014 and March 2015, over 600 new cases of FGC have been identified in the West Midlands

Huffington Post – UK NGOs in the fight against FGC

Daily Mail – UK Government to enforce a law to intercept vulnerable British girls being taken abroad for FGC

Yahoo News - Cameron fast-tracks anti-FGM legislation through Parliament in attempt to protect more girls from FGC as summer holidays approach

Shout Out UK – Cameron’s crackdown on FGC

Yahoo News –British security forces suggest girls could be at potential risk of FGC during trips to visit extended family overseas

The Huffington Post - FORWARD UK releases short animation film 'Neddlecraft' to highlight the high prevalence of vacation cutting, thought to rise during summer months

The Telegraph - Emma Scutt uses art as medium to raise awareness about FGC

Evening Standard - GPs to issue information packs stressing the illegal nature of FGC as part of new drive to stop girls being cut in the UK and overseas

Evening Standard - Human Rights campaigner Faith Mwangi-Powell is appointed global director of The Girl Generation

Inspire Magazine - Collaboration between students and survivors leads to UK's first billboard campaign against FGC

Luton on Sunday - The Serious Crime Act 2015 increases protection for victims under threat of FGC, including both UK nationals and those who are 'habitually resident' in the UK

Telegraph - Review of new play 'Rites' commends its sensitive yet informative nature but criticises its lack of drama

Fastcocreate - Mutilated flags serve as a graphic reminder that the atrocity of FGC happens everywhere

Christian Today - Health and Social Care Information Center statistics show FGC rising in the UK - the Church called upon to raise awareness and safeguard children

The Drum - 28 Too Many launches a new campaign to raise awareness on the practice of FGC throughout Europe

Scotland Now - Powerful new play addressing FGC among migrant communities

The Guardian - FGC increase in England 'only tip of iceberg'

Independent - Programme reaches students of all ages to educate them on dangers of FGC

The National- National Theatre of Scotland to do first ever all-woman matinees for play on FGC

Evening Standard- Teachers’ reporting requirement could deter children from seeking help in avoiding FGC

The Guardian- International Development Committee chastises DiFID for failing to commit resources to end FGC in Sierra Leone

Evening Standard- Vagina piercings to be classified as FGC

BBC- UK MPs critique the gap between reports of FGC and prosecutions

Bestdaily - Comic Relief's Documentary on FGC gives an in-depth look at issue in UK and abroad

BBC - Funding pledged towards fighting FGC in Scotland

The Guardian- 44 newly identified cases of FGC in girls under 18 since September

Evening Standard- UK teachers receive education on FGC

Haringey Independent- Over 100 health care officials attend FGC informational meeting at Hornsey School for Girls

BBC- Woman arrested at Heathrow Airport released and reunited with her daughter

ITV - Conference to end FGC to be held in Nottingham

Avon and Somerset Constabulary - New school programs begin in Bristol aimed at ending FGC

The Guardian - Woman arrested in Heathrow Airport for conspiracy to commit FGC

The Guardian - Doctor accused of FGC found not guilty

Huffington Post - FGC commonly misunderstood

Royal College of Midwives - Policy adviser for RCM comments on FGC statistics

Inspire Magazine - Founder of 28 Too Many wins British Citizen Award

GetWestLondon - New statistics show higher rates of FGC in West London

Birmingham Mail - Heartlands Hospital in Bristol sees 1500 FGC cases in 5 years

The Sunday Times - Hospitals report 15 cases of FGC per day

North London Today - Enfield Safeguarding Children Board prioritizes ending FGC

The Argus  - Police launch FGC awareness campaign in airports in the days leading up to Christmas

National Secular Society - House of Lords debates FGC and Sharia Law

Independent - Theresa May warns that 'designer vaginas' could be as illegal as FGC

Bolton News - Bolton gets £16,000 to help combat FGC

Get Reading - Conference held in Reading over the impact of education on ending FGC

Holyrood - Calls for national plans to end FGC in Scotland

Al Arabiya - East London school warns pupils about FGC and forced marriage

ITV News - 400 women with FGC seen in Midlands hospitals in 6 months

Telegraph & Argus - Up to 5 cases of FGC reported in Bradford in October

Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Detective awarded for support in the fight to end FGC

The Gazette - Figures show more than 200 girls have been affected by FGC in the North of England

The Voice - Government announces new bill to help protect vulnerable girls

The Guardian - UK to introduce measures to stop girls being taken abroad for FGC

The Guardian - More than 1,700 girls and women treated by the NHS for FGC since April

The Guardian - Anti-FGC campaigners win coveted awards at the Good Housekeeping Women of the Year awards

The Guardian - UK government pledges an additional £330,000 to help end FGC in the UK

Channel4 - Acclaimed author Caitlin Moran affirms her commitment to end FGC

Evening Standard - Training for staff in London nurseries to help detect signs of FGC

Evening Standard - UK launches a new campaign to help end FGC in Africa

FIGO - Lib Dem MP reaffirms commitment to end FGC

Reuters - UK opens first clinic for child victims of FGC

The Yorkshire Evening Post - 'Between 1,761 and 2,667 women and girls in Leeds have undergone FGC'

The Guardian - UK border forces begin training sessions for officers to help spot signs of 'cutters' entering the UK

Harborough Mail- Stars celebrate inspiring women

The Bolton News- 'We must take a stand against female genital mutilation,' say leaders across Greater Manchester

BBC News- 'Thousands' at risk from FGC in Greater Manchester

The Guardian- Bridget Christie: 'It's trickery, hiding serious bits within a comic framework'

Daventry Express- £9k boost for FGC prevention scheme

Crawley and Horley Observer- FGC workshop held at Gatwick

London Evening Standard - Crusading FGC doctor is honoured by Cameron

The Guardian- Labour appoints shadow minister to tackle violence against women and girls

The Guardian - Playwrights explore trauma and psychological damage of FGC

London Evening Standard - Breakthrough in tackling FGC as London clinic opens to help victims and catch cutters

London Evening Standard - Almost half of Britons think prosecuting FGC cutters will protect girls, poll suggests

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - Holmfirth Girl Guide meets International Development Minister Justine Greening over FGC

Telegraph & Argus - Police commissioner begins campaign to raise awareness of FGC

The Star - FGC: Cutting through denial

Thomas Reuters Foundation - Sister Fa: The rapper fighting FGC

Belfast Telegraph - FGC inquiries 'a tough challenge'

The Guardian - Bridget Christie's Edinburgh fringe show is a bold and brave campaign against FGC

London Evening Standard - Campaigner celebrates Newham school's efforts to stamp out FGC

Islington Gazette - Whittington doctor denies carrying out FGC

ITV- Social work gets 'significant transformation' with new code

Newham Recorder - Pensioner arrested in Newham over planned FGC of 11-year-old

Salisbury Journal - Trainee doctor's award from Prime Minister

The Guardian - FGC: two young women who woke up world and forced politicians to act

The Sentinel - Stafford conference to discuss 'hidden child abuse'

London Evening Standard - Government in £1m pledge to match funds for fighting FGC

The Telegraph - Coronation Gardens meeting to discuss FGC shows just how far Lord's has come

Gloucestershire Echo - Youngsters from Winchcombe to help African girls fleeing arranging marriage and FGC

London Evening Standard - Four ways to eradicate FGC in a generation

The Guardian - FGC unit set up to stop practice in UK

Huffington Post - FGC: 'An Act of Love'

BBC News - Extra FGC training for public sector staff

ITV - British victim of FGC recalls the terrifying moment her life changed forever

Daily Mail:  Online - A change has begun

The Guardian - One in three brides under 18  wed before 15th birthday

The Guardian - FGC and child marriage: grandmothers are part of the problem and the solution

Thomas Reuters Foundation - British police target airports in anti-FGC operation

Cross Map - UK & African Evangelical Churches appeal to Cameron about FGC

Marie Claire - Girl Summit 2014: Meet the women changing our world

PR Newswire - Lil Yemen Conference on Child Marriage and FGC

The Drum - Unicef and UK government release documentary to highlight FGC

Christian Today - FGc activist:  'Girls in UK Sunday schools are being cut. The church must take a stand'

Cosmopolitan - Why talking about FGC isn't easy, but can be funny

BBC News - FGC failure 'a national scandal' say MPs

EADT 24 - Suffolk: Training given to hospital staff to spot signs of FGC

The Westmoreland Gazette - Helme Chase midwives complete cycle challenge against FGC

Official London Theatre - London Hosts FGC plays

Comet 24 - Conference raising awareness of forced marriage and honour-based violence held at Hertfordshire Police headquarters

London Evening Standard - Justine Greening backs petition to end 'degrading' FGC

The Huffington Post - Femen stages topless protest against FGC outside parliament during Tour de France

Hemel Today - Growing reports of forced marriage are 'just the tip of the iceberg'

Bristol Post - Music video launched in Bristol to help end FGC

The Guardian - Muslim Council of Britain says female genital mutilation is 'un-Islamic'

London Evening Standard - Fighting FGC

Business Ghana - UK religious leaders unite against FGC

BBC - David Cameron invites Bristol pair to show FGC film

Bristol Post - Bristol charity creates new single to continue fight against FGC

Civil Society - Plan UK launches FGC campaign

Press Association - Calls for FGC on school curriculum

Family Law Week - FGC protection vs punishment

Yorkshire Evening Post - Fighting fund to help Leeds FGC deportee

The Guardian - REPLACE2: community-based project tackles human rights abuse

The Guardian - How social workers can protect girls at risk of FGC

ITV - Honour abuse conference days after Nigerian woman is deported despite FGC fears

ITV - Theatre figures call for halt to deportation of Leeds family

The Guardian - FGC law expanded to cover foreign nationals habitually resident in UK

The Guardian - FGC poster campaign targets mothers and carers

London Evening Standard - Doctor struck off for offering FGC advice

The Guardian - Deportation reprieve for Nigerians amid FGC fears

Liberal Democrats - Lib Dems commit to ending FGC

The Guardian - Nigerians due to be deported despite claim of FGC risk

London Evening Standard - Parents ‘are having girls cut at younger age’

London Evening Standard - Pupils to be warned about FGC in high risk areas of London under Deputy PM's reforms

The Daily Mail - Doctor who told undercover reporter he could arrange for FGC to be carried out on two girls aged 10 and 13 could be struck-off

The Guardian - Schools warned over FGC risk to girls during summer holidays

The Guardian - British FGC campaigner backs US campaign to raise awareness on cutting

London Evening Standard - More than half of school heads fail to read official FGC guidances

Huffington Post - FGC: Not in religion's name, not in our name

London Evening Standard - Theresa May told to ‘set up unit to tackle FGC like forced marriage’

London Evening Standard - 'I have been cut, but don’t say that I am mutilated. I think the term female genital mutilation is degrading.'

Thomson Reuters - 'FGM is bad, but it’s not child abuse,' says London-born FGC survivor

London Evening Standard - British girls flown to Singapore and Dubai for ‘medicalised’ FGC

FIGO - FGC helpline receives over 200 calls

ITV News - Police target 'high-risk' flights in fight against FGC

Sky News - FGC a 'major UK problem'

4 News - FGC arrest: woman was returning from Sierra Leone

London Evening Standard - Keith Vaz accuses GPs of failing girl victims

The Guardian - Anti-FGC campaign at UK airports seeks to stop cutting of girls

The Conversation - The anti-FGC campaign may undermine the well-being of those it should be helping

The Guardian - FGC parties being held in UK, MPs told

BBC News - FGC operation planned for UK airports

BBC News - Teachers 'should check holiday plans for FGC clues'

Ilford Recorder - Ilford doctor pleads not guilty in UK's first FGC case

DW - Landmark UK trial against FGC

The Guardian - Michael Gove writes to every school in England about dangers of FGC

Independent - End the silence as 'cutting season' approaches

FIGO - UK doctor calls for more GPs to be educated about FGC

Croydon Advertiser - A Thornton health volunteer is breaking the cultural silence to free women

The Times - Health staff told to ask about FGC

Evening Standard - Victims of FGC could get anonymity in court

International Business Times - First ever suspected UK FGC doctor 'had not practised gynaecology since 1994'

Manchester Evening News - Campaigners welcome move to record female victims of FGC

Ilford Recorder - South Woodford Imam commends police after FGC conference

Oxford Mail - City 'hotspot' for FGC procedures

Evening Standard - Men must join fight against FGC, leading campaigner urges

ITV News - Community and health workers criticise new rules on FGC

ITV News - Met police to hold conference on FGC

Guardian - FGC charges against doctor criticised by obstetricians and gynecologists

Daily Mail - Top gynecologist attacks 'political' FGC prosecution

Mercury - Loopholes in FGC law need to be closed says North East Herts MP

Liberal Democrat Voice - Lynne Featherstone: 'A long road ahead to stop GBV but we are on the right track'

Evening Standard - FGC law reform vital to stop abuse says Solicitor General Oliver Heald

Huffington Post UK - First UK prosecution for FGC is a watershed moment

Independent - Doctor and another man become first to face prosecution for FGC

Wales Online - More than 600 women 'are victims of female genital mutilation in Cardiff'

Croydon Advertiser - David Cameron praises Selsdon teenager for raising awareness of FGC

Burton Mail - 'They say it is traditional. For me it is a way of controlling women and girls.'

The Guardian - More research on FGC needed among migrant communities

The Telegraph - Clamping down on FGC and forced marriage worldwide: All hail this new piece of law

Evening Standard - FGC conference for private school pupils held as teachers warn against avoiding issue

BBC News - Westminister Hall: FGC

Evening Standard - Diane Abbott calls for mandatory checks on schoolgirls to secure prosecutions for FGC

The Voice - FGC survivor shares experiences

FIGO - Britons at risk of 'being taken overseas to undergo' FGC

News Wales - Wales warns schools about FGC

The Guardian - Opposition to FGC must not lead to prejudice

Liberal Democrat Voice - David Cameron to host summit on FGC and forced marriage

The Guardian - FGC top of International Women's Day agenda

Evening Standard - FGC is human rights abuse says Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf

Western Gazette - Commissioner adds weight to abuse petitions

Evening Standard - David Cameron: 'We cannot rest until somebody is prosecuted for FGC'

Evening Standard - New three-point plan launched by campaigners to tackle FGC

The Guardian - Ban Ki Moon puts UN weight behind Guardian's anti-FGC campaign

Evening Standard - DPP: Change law to make prosecution for FGC easier

The Times - Civil Courts to protect girls who fear FGC

Evening Standard - Doubling in FGC tip-offs to the Met raises prosecution hopes

TES News - Teachers need more guidance in the fight against FGC

The Guardian - Duchess of Cornwall supports movement to end FGC

Evening Times - Muslim movie aims to protect women

Huffington Post - FGC victims in England could sue government for not protecting them

The Times - UK is failing to meet international obligations on FGC

Birmingham Mail - Birmingham hospital treats 50 FGC victims a month

FIGO - University to examine FGC in diaspora communities in the UK

Bristol Post - Global support for young Bristol Fahma Mohamed's campaign against FGC

The Evening Standard - Teachers given lessons in how to tell pupils about cutting dangers

The Guardian - Ban Ki Moon backs campaign to tackle FGC through education

Spiked - Ending FGC: The White Woman's Burden?

The Guardian - Warsan Shire: young poet lauareate wields pen against FGC

The Sunday Times - Police to target FGC abetters

BBC News - Far East clinics offers FGC to UK girls

Huffington Post - Communities in Mali show the way forward in ending FGC

The Guardian - How supermodel Waris Dirie saved girl from FGC

Evening Standard - GPs and nurses to be given guides to help identify FGC victims

The Guardian - FGC Petition calling on Michael Gove to act reaches 200,000 signatures

International Business Times - Police action 'saving girls from being cut' despite no convictions

The Times - Airport alert for parents suspected of cutting

NursinginPractice - School nurses needed to tackle FGC

The Guardian - Campaign to halt female genital mutilation tops 150,000 signatures

The Guardian - Michael Gove urged to take action over petition on FGC

MIDIRS - NHS to record FGC data

The Guardian - Scotland's government to ask all schools to act on FGC

 FIGO - London MEP calls for action against FGc in Europe

The Thomson Reuters Foundation - UK hospital staff required to record FGC cases for first time

The Thomson Reuters Foundation - 'If you have to drag a one year old, a two year old... and have her cut, you are violating her rights'

Nursing Times - Midwife urges primary care staff to take action on FGC

International Business Times - First UK prosecution imminent as government tackles 'shameful' crime of FGC

International Business Times - 'How big is Britain's Female Genital Mutilation problem?'

The Times - First FGC prosecution after 28 years

The Guardian - FGC is banned but very much alive in the UK

The Guardian - British girl leads Guardian campaign to end FGC

 The Huffington Post - How the UK is leading the global fight against FGC

The London Evening Standard - Teachers are failing to raise issue of FGC with primary pupils

Herald Scotland - Girls from ethnic minorities at risk of FGC, MSPs hear

Herald Scotland -A survivor of FGC speaks out

The Guardian - FGC affects a fifth of young girls in sub-Saharan Africa

The Voice of Russia - FGC: An unpunished crime

The Huffington Post UK - FGC campaigners reach 100,000 signatures needed for Parliamentary debate

International Business Times - How to beat FGC in Britain

The Times - Britain urged to take tougher stance on FGC

Channel 4 News - 'Fact Check: How big a problem is Female Genital Mutilation?'

The London Evening Standard - Cameron urges FGC witnesses to come forward

The Telegraph - David Cameron hails 2014 as his year for women

The London Evening Standard - Religious leaders must fully back fight against FGC, says summit

The Belfast Telegraph - UK 'leading charge' for equality

Oxford Mail - FGC risk high in cities

The New Statesman - Why has there never been a successful prosecution for FGC in the UK?

The London Evening Standard - ‘More than half of London GPs have treated an FGC victim’

The New Statesman - The London clinic fights back against FGC

The London Evening Standard - Doctor may face police inquiry over FGC claim

The Guardian - FGC inquiry launched to uncover reasons for lack of prosecution in UK

The London Evening Standard - New allegations sent to prosecutor in bid to press first charges

Independent - The French way: a better approach to fighting FGC?

The Hackney Gazette - Hundreds of girls in Hackney in danger of disfigurement warns charity

The Herald Scotland - FGC action call

The Northern Echo - First regional strategy launched to tackle violence against women and girls

The London Evening Standard - Met chief Sir Hogan-Howe calls for shake-up to tackle FGC

The Huffington Post - London Doctor Sureshkumar Vallabhdas Pandya accused of carrying out FGC

The London Evening Standard - Government to investigate extent of 'abhorrent' FGC in Britain

The London Evening Standard - Boris Johnson urges hospitals to share details about FGC cases with police

The Huffington Post - 'Egyptian mother on mutilation: I wake up at night screaming, just remembering'

The London Evening Standard - Mother whose daughter, 2, is at risk of FGC in Gambia loses bid to stay in UK

BBC News - Police to prioritise tackling FGC

BBC News England - West Midlands Police target FGC

The Daily Mail - MPs launch major inquiry into FGC to 'get to the truth' about why no-one has ever been charged

The London Evening Standard- MPs open biggest ever probe into FGC scandal

The Daily Mail - Met police arrest two over FGC of baby girl who was only approximately five weeks old

The London Evening Standard - 'I hope you die painfully': vile abuse aimed at anti-FGC women activists

The Herald Scotland - 'Time to tackle a barbaric practice'

BBC News - FGC 'rising in soft-touch Scotland'

The Huffington Post - Teachers play key role in fight to end FGC

The London Evening Standard - Met targets FGC 'cutters' and appeals whistleblowers to come forward

Croydon Advertiser - Croydon Ccmpaigners battling FGC

The Star - City’s FGC toll

Telegraph & Argus -‘Protect girls at risk of mutilation’ in Bradford

FIGO - Religious leader claims ignorance is behind FGC in Iraq

The Thomson Reuters Foundation - UK hospitals must treat FGC as child abuse

The London Evening Standard - Minister: Cultural fears will not stop our FGC fight

ITV - FGC 'scars mentally and physically for life'

FIGO - African anti-FGC laws are not working, say officials

FIGO - Men told to help combat FGC in Kenya

FIGO - Met police to clamp down on FGC

The Telegraph - Leyla Hussein: Meet the woman tackling The Cruel Cut with humour

Evening Standard - Health bodies draw up joint guidelines to help fight FGC

Evening Standard - Political interview with Jane Ellison

Evening Standard - 'My blueprint for preventing FGC' by new health minister Jane Ellison

50.50 - Fleeing FGC: Bodies on the frontline

The Guardian - FGC: The film that changed the law in Kurdistan

The Guardian - Waris Dirie: 'Female genital mutilation is pure violence against girls'

Independent - Day of the Girl: A survivor's journey after FGC

Huffington Post - Lynne Featherstone, Lib Dem Minister, Says FGC Would 'Not Last If Boys' Willies Were Being Cut Off'

The Guardian - 'Mothers need to say no'

The Guardian - FGC helpline uncovers 34 potential cases

BBC - First FGC prosecution 'close', says CPS

BBC - FGC 'being done in UK'

Mancunian Matters - Fundraiser to help teen at risk of deportation from Rochdal because she is facing FGC in Nigeria

London Evening Standard - Sandi Toksvig: 'How I woke up to the barbaric practice of FGM'

Thomas Reuters Foundation - On FGC, how long should the night be?

Thomson Reuters Foundation - Prosecuting sex crimes and the poorest place on earth

FIGO - UK government 'absolutely committed' to fighting FGC

FIGO - Fighting FGC is 'about the empowerment of women'

The Evening Standard - Justine Greening: The government can take a world lead over FGC

The Guardian - Global development podcast: Can FGC be eradicated in a generation?

The Guardian - FGC opponents in pictures

FIGO - FGC documentary to highlight 'frightening statistics' in the UK

Evening Standard - FGC helpline reveals 11 cases of girls at risk

Sky News - FGC: Campaigners' Rally

BBC - Study will update FGC figures

BBC - 30 million girls 'at risk' of FGC

The Guardian - The facts about FGC – interactive

The Voice of Russia (UK Edition) - FGC: Hidden abuse

Journal of Family Health Care - Health professionals are key to protecting children from FGC

Mint Press News - Western nations tackle a new epidemic: FGC

International Business Times - UK lawyers bring first prosecutions for FGC

FIGO - UK FGC estimates 'conservative at best'

Huffington Post - Bogaletech Gebre: The end of 'his-story;

FIGO - Target 'cutters' to tackle FGC, says Minister

The Guardian - The battle to eliminate FGC is long, but it's one we must win

Huffington Post - The African women who are turning their backs on FGC, by Lynne Featherstone

London Evening Standard - UK needs to put FGC cutters 'in court to stamp out the practice'

Herald Scotland - Concern that FGC victims are being failed

London Evening Standard - Charity runner has saved thousands from FGC

Metro - Helpline to protect girls from FGC launched

FIGO - London FGC victims 'receive best medical attention'

Independent - Political correctness resulting in FGC being ignored in UK , say MPs

London Evening Standard - FGC victim aged seven revealed as 24-hour helpline is launched

New Internationalist (blog) - Protecting girls ahead of the FGC 'cutting season'

BBC News - The NHS clinics helping victims of FGC

The Guardian - FGC campaigners face death threats and intimidation

The Guardian - Casualty turns spotlight on FGC

Huffington Post UK - African Women on FGC: 'Sometimes they just call you lazy'

Independent - Police go back over cases of FGC

The Daily Mail - FGC to be featured on Casualty as BBC becomes first mainstream broadcaster to tackle taboo subject in a drama

The Post - Teenager hailed for fighting FGC

FIGO - NSPCC wants teachers to fulfill vital role against FGC

London Evening Standard - Teachers failing to protect girls from genital mutilation, says NSPCC

London Evening Standard - Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘FGM was done to me at the age of five. Ten years later, even 20... I would not have testified against my parents’

BBC News - Bristol study finds 117 cases of FGC

NewEurope - Clear end FGC human rights policy, hazy fiscal plan

The Guardian – Sister Fa: African rapper with a cause

The Guardian – FGC questions could be raised by midwives

The Guardian - ‘I want to help other girls’

TrustLaw - UK demands ‘real action’ from global meeting on violence against women

Independant - FGC: unreported, ignored and unpunished

Huffington Post - NSPCC finally considers FGC a child protection issue

FIGO - FGC detection ‘difficult in Britain’

Express.co.uk – ‘End practice of FGC’

Women’s Views on News – Petition to end FGC in UK

Huffington Post UK – Why do we need an international day for the elimination of violence against women?

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus – 120 women in city have suffered FGC

Independent – Prosecutors in bid to prevent FGC

TrustLaw – UK launches “health passport” to reduce FGC

FIGO – Campaigner hails efforts to prevent FGC in Africa

The Guardian – The day I saw 248 girls suffering FGC

The Guardian – Time for a prosecution of FGC

FIGO – FGC prosecutions ‘needed in Britain’

The Guardian – FGC: Asylum Seeker Fights Deportation to the Gambia

Huffington Post UK – FGC is child abuse too, so why are there no inquiries about ignoring it?

BBC News – Avon and Somerset PCC Election: Lib Dem hopeful in FGC pledge

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