Country: Tanzania

Population: 49.6 million

Estimated prevalence among women aged 15-49:

14.6% & 2 million women aged 15+ cut

Data Source MICS 2010
15 – 49 (%) 14.6
15 - 19 (%) 7.1
45 - 49 (%) 21.5
Urban (%) 7.8
Rural (%) 17.3
Lowest Region (%) 0.0
Highest Region (%) 70.8
Nicked, no flesh removed (%) 1.0
Flesh removed (%) 98.0
Sewn closed (%) 2.0
Traditionally performed (%) 88.5
Medically performed (%) 1.8
National law Illegal

PRB 2014

Type practised:

The most widely practiced form is Type II (commonly known as excision). Type III (commonly known as infibulation) is confined to the eastern part of the country in areas bordering Sudan. The practice crosses ethnic and religious lines. It is practiced by Christians, Muslims and Animists in roughly equal proportions. Prevalence varies significantly by region.

Legal status:

The law in Tanzania has prohibited FGC since 1998; however the law does not explicitly cover medical practitioners and does not cover those above 18 years pressurised into being cut.

History of FGC in Tanzania:

FGC was originally practiced by 20 of the country’s 130 tribes, and was most prevalent in the mainland regions of Arusha, Singida, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro, and Dar es Salaam.

Current efforts to abandon FGC:

The Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Network (AFNET) works with education officers across the Serengeti to increase awareness about the negative effects of FGC, predominantly with groups of students between the ages of 10 and 13. There is evidence of significant generational change as women aged 45-49 are three times more likely to have been cut than girls aged 15-19. Only 6% of girls and women and 9% of boys and men think FGC should continue.

Other organisations also currently working in Tanzania to end FGC include The Rogoro Roman Catholic Parish in Masanga village and the NGO WOWAP (Women Wake Up) based in Dodoma. These organisations work with communities to campaign against FGC using traditional means such as song, music, dance and public meetings; as well as more contemporary means of communication like video screenings and radio broadcasts. WOWAP have experienced success in Dodoma, where FGC has been replaced with ‘initiation without cutting’. FGC is no longer part of the 7 day rite of passage.

Ongoing challenges:

Despite being illegal, FGC remains an issue. FGC usually takes place in secret to avoid detection and is typically performed on girls before the age of 5, or in some regions of central Tanzania, when they are only a few days old. 70% of all FGC is done by a traditional circumciser.

Ethnic groups:

There are over 130 ethnic groups represented in Tanzania. The largest ethnic groups are the SukumaNyamweziChaggaNyakyusaHayaHeheBenaGogo, and the Makonde who comprise the majority of Tanzania’s population. Other smaller tribes include the Pare and the widely recognised Maasai.


Kiswahili/Swahili (Official)

English (Official)


Many local languages

Major religions:

Christian 30%

Islam 35% (Zanzibar 99%)

Indigenous beliefs 35%

In the news:

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