In the news:

Ahmadiyya Times - Perspective: Zero tolerance for FGC

Malta Today - Guidelines needed for police and medics in fight against FGC

Times of Malta - House meets again today, focuses on oil procurement scandal and judge impeachment motion

Malta Today - Tighten FGC bill, says human rights lawyer

FIGO - Malta's children's commissioner throws weight behind anti-FGC bill

Malta Independent - 'No justification for female genital mutilation', says D'Amato

Malta Independent - MP to propose bill to ban FGC

FIGO - Somali refugees in Malta 'terrified' of FGC

FIGO - Malta moves to outlaw FGC

Malta Today - FGC: Shifting from tradition to education

Malta Today - MCWO in full support of bill proposing ban on FGC

Malta Today - Labour MP to table draft law banning female genital cutting

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