Country: Kenya

Population: 45 million

Estimated prevalence among women aged 15-49:

27.1% & 3.4 million women cut (aged 15+)

Data Source DHS 08-09
15 – 49 (%) 27.1
15 - 19 (%) 14.6
45 - 49 (%) 48.8
Urban (%) 16.5
Rural (%) 30.6
Lowest Region (%) 0.8
Highest Region (%) 97.5
Nicked, no flesh removed (%) 2.3
Flesh removed (%) 82.7
Sewn closed (%) 13.4
Traditionally performed (%) 78.4
Medically performed (%) 19.7
National law Illegal

PRB 2014

Type practised:

The most widely practiced forms are Type I and Type IIType III is also practised in far eastern parts of the country along the border shared with Somalia.

The majority of girls are cut between the years of 12-18. However, trends are going towards a lower age average of 7-12 years.

Legal status:

In 1999, the National Plan of Action for Elimination of FGM (1999-2019) was implemented by the Ministry of Health. Since 2001, it has been an offence under the Children’s Act to practice FGC on girls under 18. Practitioners face 12 months imprisonment and/or a fine of fifty thousand shillings (US $600), which is currently under review. There has been very limited successful legal action against perpetrators.

The Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act was enacted in 2011 and since then a national Anti-FGM board has been established. This is a semi-autonomous government agency tasked with coordinating regional and national efforts to accelerate an end to the practice.

History of FGC in Kenya:

Christian missionaries denounced FGC as barbaric in the 1930’s and banned the practice. However due to national and cultural support of the practice this had a limited impact. Jomo Kenyatta, the first president after independence, made FGC a powerful symbol of African Tradition and efforts of ending the practice were linked to imperialism. The decade of women (from 1976-1985) renewed the efforts to end FGC in Kenya, as senior government officials attended the conference. Abandonment of the practice began in the 1990’s.

Past and current efforts to eradicate FGC have included:

Interventions using a health risk approach and addressing health complications of FGC
Approaches addressing FGC as a harmful traditional practice
Educating traditional circumcisers and offering alternative income generation
The alternative rite of passage approach

Early efforts of abandonment focused on the health effects of FGC, leading to an increased rate of FGC medicalisation. The approach involving alternative rites of passage (ARP) has had more success in eliminating the practice in the long run; however research shows that it is not always an appropriate method and depends on the cultural context.

ARP was first attempted in 1996 among the Meru, where it was largely successful because the Meru practice FGC as part of a community ritual initiating girls into womanhood. ARP has had less success in communities where FGC is a private family affair with little or no public celebration.

Current efforts to abandon FGC:

The Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) of 2008 shows a significant decline of the practice of FGC in Kenya. There has been a continuous reduction of FGC since 1998, through employing a combination of the above approaches. As of 2012, only 20% of women and girls support the continuation of FGC in Kenya. This acceptance rate is accompanied by the decrease in prevalence in Kenya, which has gone from 49% (age 45-49) to 15% (ages 15-19).

The UN Joint Programme is active in Kenya. ECAW (the Education Centre for the Advancement of Women) works to advance the rights and empowerment of women in Kuria in South West Kenya. SAFE Maa work with the Maasai population in Loita Hills.

Ongoing challenges:

Progress is often hindered by practical difficulties such as mobilisation and obtaining research permits. Further problems are encountered in persuading local communities to engage in studies and programmes aimed at abandonment, due to past tendencies to ignore local cultures while forcing an exclusively Human Rights agenda. Misunderstandings of key terms such as ‘alternative rites of passage’ and ‘abandonment’ cause further complications locally and on an international level.

Maasai culture is patriarchal and women are valued for their roles as mothers and wives, with

Maasai women entirely financially dependent on their husbands. Once cut at age 12 or 13, girls often quickly marry, leave school and have children, limiting their own life opportunities.

Practising ethnic groups:

FGC is practised among 30 of Kenya’s 40 ethnic groups:

Somali 98%

Kisii 96%

Maasai 73%

Kalenjin 40%

Taita and Taveta 32%

Mercu/Embu 40%


Kiswahili (official)

English (official)

Numerous indigenous languages

Major religions:

Christian 82.5%

Islam 11.1%

Indigenous beliefs 1.6%

In the news:

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Standard Media - Kenya receives African Gender Awards 2016 in Gender Mainstreaming for setting up measures to tackle CEFM, FGC, and other gender inequalitie

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Hivisasa - Kenya Anti-female Mutilation Board chairperson Linah Kilimo warns Nyamira County of two-year jail sentence for anyone found engaging in FGC

Hivisasa - Hon. Alice Chae leads hundres of county residents in educational road-show to sensitise residents of Nyamira county against FGC, co-hosted by national government

New Vision - EALA grants leave to Hon Dora Byamukama to introduce the East African Community Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Bill, 2016

Media Max Network - Leaders from West Pokot county call for affirmative action by the national government in the fight against FGC

Standard Digital - 'Education has made me who I am' Namelokai Sein Lengechu founded Keep Girls Safe Foundation in Kenya to empower Maasai communities to end FGC

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Religious News Service - Church Leaders grow concerned about rising medicalisation of FGC

Bexhill Observer - Maasai Chief visits childcare students at Bexhill College

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The Times - Maasai women in Entasopia agree to end FGC

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ABC - Kenyan schools send letters home to parents warning against carrying out FGC

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Standard Digital - Chiefs cite obstacles to anti-FGC drive

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AllAfrica - West Pokot Woman Charged Over FGC

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Standard Media - Rescued FGC victims hospitalised

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