In the news:

The Journal - Despite FGC being outlawed in Ireland in 2012 and almost 4,000 girls having undergone the practice, so far there have been no convictions under the legislation, according to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

The Irish Times - ActionAid Ireland’s women’s rights programme in the fight to stop FGC

The Irish News - NSPCC is working with partners to ensure the best available support is in place for those who are at risk and recovering from FGC

The Journal -Why these nine women stopped performing FGC on young girls

The Independent - Judge refuses appeal from four year old seeking asylum from FGC

The Journal - Ireland's first landmark FGC clinic to open

New Somali - Ifrah Ahmed's campaign against FGC at home and abroad

The Irish Times - Fighting FGC

Irish Medical Times – GP survey set to tie in with a Zero Tolerance Day of female genital cutting

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