Country: Brunei

Population: 417,784

Estimated prevalence among women aged 15-49: Unknown

There have been no widespread studies conducted, but one Saudi expert – Dr Riaz Qureshi - argues that type I is the form most widely practised on girls aged 40 to 60 days.

Legal status:

FGC is legal in Brunei.

History of FGC:

According to Dr Riaz, FGC/sunat is an ancient tradition still prevalent in Brunei. He said that while FGC has taken on an Islamic dimension, it is actually un-Islamic and is “inherent in the cultures more than the religion itself. The only way we can change this perception is through education."

Current efforts to abandon FGC:

There are no current efforts to abandon FGC, which is naturally a challenge as without domestic and international cooperation, FGC cannot be abandoned.

Major languages:

Malay – 100%

Major religions:

Muslim – 67%

Buddhist – 13%

Christian – 10%

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