In the news:

The Advertiser - Ban on FGC has been left out of new South Australian child protection laws

The Sudney Morning Herald - Survey shows FGC prevalence in Australia

ABC - Report on FGC shows hidden prevalence

SBS News - Cultural expert, Professor Sahar Amer, argues that Islam is being wrongfully accused of inciting people to commit FGC and honour killings

Perth Now - WA MP Adele Carles aids former foreign minister of Somaliland Edna Adan eradicate FGC

Daily Telegraph – Leader of Bohra sect first person to be jailed in Australia for FGC, Supreme Court sends strong message

UN - Women speak out at UN about gender-based violence and disability

ABC - Officials are claiming that efforts to end cultural customs are working

The Guardian - Two women and one man sentenced to 15 months in prison after Australia's first FGC conviction on record

Daily Telegraph - Islamic leaders who support FGC were forced to outlaw it in their community after court ruling

The Sydney Morning Hearld - FGC: The cruelest cut

Independent Australia - Abyan: Raped by the Australian government

The Daily Life - Nimco Ali on FGC: 'It happened because I was a woman.'

The Sydney Morning Herald - FGC trial: 'I do not want to go to jail at my age.'

The Guardian - Anti-FGC activist Nimco Ali says Australian feminism is stuck in the 1980's.

Sidney Morning Herald – Women being 'upsold' into labiaplasty by cosmetic clinics, say health experts

The Guardian – FGC is alive in Australia, just called labiaplasty.

Daily Advertiser – Mum's the word

ABC News – Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman refuses to apologise over FGC tweet despite misconduct finding

ABC News – Australia introduces world's first guidelines to respond to increase in female genital surgery requests – Authorities issue warning as young girls vanish during ‘cutting season’

ABC News – Australian survivors of FGC call for access to restorative surgery

The Guardian- Doctors endorse a call to ask ‘at-risk’ women if they are FGC victims during prenatal consultations

The Australian - Police investigate possible FGC case in Brisbane

SBS - NSW launches targeted anti-FGC campaign in West Sydney

The Guardian - Woman accused of FGC to face trial in Sydney

International Business Times- FGC losing support in Melbourne

Herald Sun- Tony Abbott launching plan to stop domestic violence, forced marriages, and FGC

Nine News -Three to stand trial for cutting girls

ABC News - African community says education will help stop FGC in Australia

Sky News - Tough penalties for FGC

Bangkok Post - Australian charged over FGC of  baby

The Guardian - FGC ‘more common than thought’ in Australia

World News Australia - Public urged to report FGC

The Sydney Morning Herald - Father charged over alleged FGC of infant daughter

News - FGC and forced marriages must end, says research fellow Peter Kurti

The Australian - Lawyer charged over FGC

The Australian - States sign up to Plibersek's nationwide crackdown on FGC

The Australian - Mother betrayed daughter to religion

The Age National - Getting health care right for women affected by FGC

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Health Minister responds to FGC and eating disorder concerns

Australian Department of Health - Gillard Government to act on FGC in Australia - FGC accused face court

Radio Australia – Malaysia storm over FGC

Sydney Morning Herald – FGC guidelines to help treat victims

Herald Sun- Girl's mutilation is not conclusive: court

FIGO – Perpetrators of female genital cutting ‘charging for their services’

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