Orchid Project’s aim is to advocate at every level…

For increased attention and resources to be invested in ending FGC. Here at orchid Project we believe that FGC can only end with the help of actors, activists and decision makers at every level – from grassroots, to regional, national and international actors.

We advocate to governments and influential decision makers to accelerate a global end to the practice, and use the most appropriate advocacy actions for whichever issue we may be working with, or for whichever level we are working at. Within the UK this advocacy has taken the shape of making the case to the Department for International Development (DFID), to make an investment in the help to end FGC, thus playing a key role in the subsequent commitment of £35 million to end FGC. In July 2014, we also hosted the pre-summit reception for DFID’s Girl Summit, which was a highly significant event, being the first of its kind and entirely dedicated to promoting the rights of the girl.


Orchid Project holds and attends many advocacy events…

Outside of the UK, Orchid Project hosted a reception at the US Ambassador’s residence in Copenhagen in November 2014, as well as holding an international conference with partners on FGC. Our relationship with our sister organisation in Copenhagen has been vital to our continued efforts to bring about an end to FGC and we have held a number of events in conjunction with them.

In the USA we held a reception at the British High Commission in New York City, hosted by the UK Ambassador to the UN to mark the international day for the abandonment of FGC on February 6 2015. Speakers at this event included our CEO Julia, our Orchid Project Ambassador Sister Fa, the UK Ambassador and representatives of UNFPA and Unicef. A month later in March 2015 we also held a panel at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, raising the profile of the scale of FGC outside of Africa by working with panellists from the Middle East and Asia. We have a presence at CSW each year.

In July 2015 we organised and held a panel at the third Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, working with our diverse panellists to highlight the need for increased investment in ending FGC, as well as the importance of FGC’s inclusion in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

We endeavour to continue our advocacy at all levels, and to further promote understanding around FGC and the ways in which we can bring an end to the practice within a generation.