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BBC Woman’s Hour – Ebony Riddell Bamber, Orchid Project’s Head of Advocacy & Policy, speaking from the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Southeast Asia Globe  – The women fighting against Singapore’s hidden human rights violation

Southeast Asia Globe – Q&A with Orchid Project on FGC in Singapore

BBC News – “The time to end female genital cutting is now” – Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE


ITV This Morning – Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE, Orchid Project’s CEO and Jay K. Frederick, Orchid Project Ambassador, were on the sofa with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield

Thomson Reuters – Amos Leuka, Project Manager for one of Orchid Project’s Kenyan partners, SAFE Maa, and our associate Natalie Robi Tingo, Founder of Msichana Empowerment Kuria, in Kenya, were interviewed on 6th February 2018

Evening Standard – Orchid Project’s work in Kenya with SAFE Maa, and research conducted by HERA

Evening Standard – Dawn French, supporter of Orchid Project, wrote an op ed which was featured on the International Day to End FGC 2018

Hello! Magazine – Orchid Project held a fundraising dinner at Rick Stein, Barnes restaurant, graciously hosted by Dawn French and Jill Stein OBE


BBC Woman’s Hour – Hibo Wardere, Orchid’s Associate, shares her experience from the Tostan Training Centre in Senegal

Senegalese Press Agency – Orchid supports 117 communities to declare abandonment of female genital cutting in Thiara, Kolda, Senegal

Reuters – “(…)Orchid Project lists 10 Asian countries and nine Middle Eastern countries where there is evidence FGM exists including Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Malaysia and Thailand.”

The Hindu – A coalition of 29 organisations have petitioned to the United Nations to end FGC by 2030


BBC World News – interview with Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE and Sierra Leonean activist Naasu Fofanah

Devex – conversation with our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE

The Express Tribune – “Oh, it’s just a small cut so why are you complaining?”

VOA News – Cinema May Turn Tide Against Female Genital Mutilation

Reuters – Factbox: The hidden cut: female genital mutilation in Asia

Reuters – comment from our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE on FGC in Singapore

Reuters, AllAfrica – Canada Lifts Silence On FGM, article by our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE

Huffington Post – interview with our Ambassador Jay K. Frederick on her new online network ‘Sisters Keeping It Moving’

Your Natural Beauty – our sponsor Organyc has been supporting us for over three years donating 5% from all product sales

The Guardian – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE comments on The Economist’s article which advocates a ‘lesser cut’

Evening Standard – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh awarded an OBE


OneWorld – comment from External Affairs Manager Oliver Chantler on the medicalisation of FGC and our work in Kenya

World Economic Forum – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh writes about how to end FGC within a generation

Mail Online – Our Director of Operations Ruth is quoted on mandatory reporting of FGC

Evening Standard – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia is named one of London’s thousand most influential people

International Business Times – interview with our External Affairs Manager Oliver Chantler

Speech by Justine Greening MP, UK Secretary of State for International Development, on the one year anniversary of the Girl Summit – mentions Orchid Project’s work to end FGC

IPPF Blog – External Affairs Manager Oliver Chantler writes about Orchid Project’s presence at the Funding for Development conference in Addis Ababa

Emirates Woman – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia Lalla-Maharajh is interviewed about FGC in the Middle East, and our ambassador Jay Kamara-Frederick tells her story and gives her views

Bustle – Comment from our Chief Executive and Founder on genital piercing

Voice of America – comment from our Chief Executive and Founder Julia on FGC in Malaysia

Al Jazeera – comment from our Chief Executive and Founder Julia on FGC in Thailand

Huffington Post – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia writes about FGC in a medical environment

CCTV America – UN day of awareness for female genital mutilation aims to end practice

LibDem Voice – Martin Horwood writes … Much more than a number

NPR – A Rap Star And A Therapist Fight Female Genital Mutilation

Ending Female Genital Cutting in our lifetime – our Chief Executive and Founder Julia’s blog for the UK’s Department for International Development

Mary Creagh, Huffington Post – We Have the Opportunity to Bring an End to FGM Within in the Next Generation

US Department of State Blog – Five powerful stories about FGM/C you need to hear

Daily Mail – Fears as more FGM cases identified

Toronto Star – Doctor in England on trial over female genital mutilation

Newsweek – Hospitals Increasingly Carrying Out Female Genital Mutilation Procedures


Katja Iverson, Huffington Post – The Gift That Keeps Giving and Benefits Us All

SAFE Magazine – 2014 List of Global Heroes (Sister Fa, page 81)

Cosmopolitan – Outrage as FGC cases are dropped in the UK

DR2 (Denmark) – Interview with Birgitte Handwerk of Orchid Denmark (28:42)

BT (Denmark) – Kronprinsesse Mary om omskæring: Forældre gør det af kærlighed til deres børn

AllAfrica – ECAW begin to give training to Kuria Elders in Kenya

Marie Claire (French edition) – Comment mettre fin aux mutilations génitales féminines ?

Pundit Fact – Revisiting Reza Aslan’s response to Bill Maher about female genital mutilation

Rebecca Tinsley, Huffington Post – Mary Did Not Have a Great “Day of the Girl Child”

The BMJ – Yvonne Obura: Female genital cutting—improving doctors’ awareness

i-D Magazine – Fighting FGM, fighting inequality, fighting for freedom?

Skoll World Forum – Working for a Generation of Girls Who Won’t be Cut

Cafe Communique – FGM: Generations of Cultural Perpetuation

Skoll Foundation – Tostan’s Work Shared at Reception During Girl Summit

DNES (Czech) – Drastická procedura mrzačí i ženy v Evropě

Thomson Reuters – Sister Fa: The rapper fighting FGM

Evening Standard – Government in £1m pledge to match funds for fighting FGM

The Salisbury Journal – Trainee doctor’s award from Prime Minister

The Guardian – FGM: two young women who woke up world and forced politicians to act

BBC Radio 5 Live – Live from the Girl Summit

Sky News Sunrise – Sister Fa live

Geraldine Bedell, Huffington Post – FGM – ‘An Act of Love’

ITV London – Report

Thomson Reuters – Rapper Sister Fa takes FGM campaign to Guinea

Third Sector Magazine – Both education and legal action are needed to tackle female genital mutilation in the UK

The Daily Mail – Doctor who told undercover reporter he could arrange female genital mutilation to be carried out on two girls aged 10 and 13 could be struck-off

Evening Standard – British girls flown to Singapore and Dubai for ‘medicalised’ FGM

Bloomberg – First Female Genital Cutting Case Exposes Ancient Ritual

BBC World News – FGC trial in Egypt

Sky News – FGC Legislation

Deutsche Welle – Landmark UK trial against FGM

The Backbencher – Female Genital Cutting Can End In A Generation

Evening Standard – The rich are harder to sway than the poor

CNN – VIDEO CNN: FGM No Tolerance Day

DR News – VIDEO Circumcision: UN Day against the painful ritual

DFID – Communities in Mali lead the way on 6th February

Washington Post – Mali communities denounce female genital cutting

SCWPCA – Marina Yannakoudakis Reports Back From Brussels



TVC News – Sister Fa Feature

The Reading Chronicle – Empowering change to end ‘cutting’ rituals

WHO January Bulletin – Slow progress in ending female genital mutilation

BBC Radio Scotland – Cutting Love


All Africa – Sénégal: Kolda – Déclaration d’abandon de l’excision à Medina Yero Foulah – Des communautés s’engagent

Urban Times – How Female Genital Cutting is Ending

The Evening Standard – Sarah Sands: We cannot lose the battle for liberal values

The Evening Standard – The Power 1000: artists, authors, designers, entrepreneurs and politicians gather to celebrate the capital’s Most Influential

The Evening Standard – FGM activist and rapper Sister Fa to appear at London African Music Festival

The Evening Standard – The Power 1000: FGC survivor will rap her message to London’s leaders

Bidisha, Huffington Post – Cutting Us Down To Size: Working to End Female Genital Mutilation

ITV News – 25,000 women in UK at risk of female genital mutilation

BBC World Service Newsday – Senegalese Rapper Sister Fa speaks against FGM


The Evening Standard – If I can reach young people through my music, no more girls will suffer FGM

The Evening Standard – Victim turns campaigner: woman who travels the land, using her own story to fight horror of female genital mutilation

The Evening Standard – Help us protect schoolgirls at risk in the FGM ‘cutting season’

The Evening Standard – Financier gives away £50,000 to help fight the scourge of FGM

The Evening Standard – Help us catch the female genital mutilation criminals cutting girls in London, says Yard

The Evening Standard – London charity helping to save African girls from mutilation

The Inquisitr – British Government Pledges Millions To End Female Genital Mutilation ‘In A Generation’

Orchid Project, Huffington Post – UK Government to Announce Historic Investment to End Female Genital Cutting

Orchid Project, Huffington Post – £35m Announced to Go to Ending Female Genital Cutting

The Guardian – UK funds aim to end female genital mutilation ‘in a generation’

The Daily Beast – David Cameron’s Ambitious Plan To End Female Genital Mutilation

DFID Blog – A UK led effort to end female genital cutting within a generation

Thomson Reuters – Senegal rap star says stop ‘cutting’ our girls

The Guardian– Sister Fa: African rapper with a cause

Spear’s – Lynne Featherstone, Minister for International Development, Speaks Out Against FGC

Spear’s – Dr Frederick Mulder on Supporting the Orchid Project to End FGC



The Sunday Express – ‘End vile practice of Female Genital Mutilation’ (December 16 2012)

The New York Times – ‘Queen Noor Expresses Hope on the Rights of Arab Women’ (December 4 2012)

The Observer – ‘One day, this evil practice of cutting girls will cease’ (November 25 2012)

The Daily Observer, the Gambia – ‘Orchid Project gives five motorcycles to Tostan’ (June 12 2012)

Voice of America – MP3 – ‘Health Chat’ Julia Lalla-Maharajh speaking on Voice of America about FGC (June 5 2012)


The Guardian – ‘Turning philanthropy into a spectator sport’ (May 31 2012)

Woman Alive –  Women of the World (Spring 2012)

BBC Afrique – French language audio clip – (Feb 7th 2012)

BBC Woman’s Hour – Sister Fa (Feb 6th 2012)

BBC World Service Network Africa – audio clip – (Feb 6th 2012)

The Independent – (Feb 6th 2012)

Comment is Free, The Guardian
 – (Feb 6th 2012)

The Guardian Health Editor’s Blog – Sarah Boseley – (Feb 6th 2012)

The Big Issue – (Feb 6th 2012)

The Herald (Scotland) – (Feb 6th 2012)

Department for International Development –  ‘A world free from female genital cutting‘ – (Feb 6th 2012)

DfID Podcast – Sister Fa on female genital cutting – (Feb 6th 2012)


2010 – 2011



The Daily Beast

CNN blog

YouTube blog

CS Monitor interview

The Times, January 2010

Die Welt interview

MySpace interview

Blogcritics interview

Safe World for Women blog


Orchid Project Huffington Post

Female Genital Cutting in a Medical Environment: A Dangerous Trend

Communities in Mali Show the Way Forward in Ending Female Genital Cutting

UK Government to Announce Historic Investment to End Female Genital Cutting

£35m Announced to Go to Ending Female Genital Cutting

International Day Against Female Genital Cutting

Dancing to end female genital cutting

World Economic Forum, Tanzania

Female Genital Mutilation in Georgia, USA

The seven weirdest things other people do to women’s privates



Working together to end female genital cutting: Julia presents in Copenhagen

Davos to Dakar: January 2011, One year on

Julia presents at TEDx Westminster

Full Davos debate on FGC

Davos 2010: An Appeal to End FGM Now

CNN Video ‘Connector of the Day’

Bill Clinton talks to Julia Lalla-Maharajh



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