Back from the female genital mutilation campaign trail in Davos

End FGM Now arrives home

Tuesday night and remarkably it’s February. Not sure where January went in the rush of Davos.

I’m slightly overwhelmed by the number of people to contact on a number of fronts: thanks to those who voted, thanks to those who were the team back home and huge thanks to those who just have got in touch, through Facebook, twitter, this site to show your support.

Of course, as I have said endlessly in YouTube videos, the proof is in the pudding and now it’s all about the follow up. I’m sitting at the kitchen table staring at a pile of about 100 business cards from people I need to send a proper, personalised email to.

International Anti-FGM day, 6th February

It’s obvious that this is looming large, with only 4 days to go. Contacts have been changing their avatars on twitter and Facebook to a purple ribbon. I’m busy contacting Al Jazeera and BBC Woman’s Hour to see what FGM coverage might be possible.

I read today of a march in Kenya due to take place on Saturday, with 3,000 particpants to mark their own “zero tolerance to FGM”  There’s so much happen within communities, that it convinces me more than ever that this issue is coming to a tipping point.  I say this to Paolo Coelho at Davos, I say I’m filled with hope. I expect him to counter with support, instead he reminds me that hope without action is useless.  I listen to him well.