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Female genital cutting is a harmful practice involving full or partial removal of a girl’s external genitals. It serves no medical purpose and has many harmful consequences.

What we do

Orchid Project has a vision of a world free from female genital cutting. Find out about how Orchid Project was set up, and meet our team of staff and Trustees as well as learning about who supports our work.

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A chance to end FGC – but the UN has to grasp it

If you’re reading this, you probably know that our mission is to end female genital cutting. Sometimes the way to do that is by slow, steady steps. And sometimes it’s through a great leap. That’s where we are right now. There’s an opportunity to make sure that ending female genital cutting is hardwired into international

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Sharing knowledge and experiences in Kenya

In July 2015 Orchid Project returned to Kenya to welcome partner organisations and other people we know working to end FGC to a Knowledge Sharing Workshop (KSW). This workshop followed on from the Training Centre hosted by Tostan in Senegal in March 2015. You can find out more about the participants’ experiences of the TTC

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Country Profiles

Orchid Project has been collating information about FGC around the world. Find out more about FGC practices and statistics in different countries and regions.